The region of Valdeorras
   Valdeorras, region located in the south-western province of Ourense, is the natural gateway to Galicia input.
   Is shaped by a deep and fertile valley through which light and gentle river Sil, a master of magical landscape of granite and slate. Red and black lands where the chestnut grows, the vine and the olive tree.
   Valdeorras, cross from east to west through XVIII or Via Nova Braga communicating with Astorga, was a land of transit and destination for the Roman legions who came to exploit its gold resources and where, under a Mediterranean microclimate-oceanic the first planted vines and built wineries.
   Thus, they were creating a tradition and culture, today in the secular culture of the vine and the production of fine wines pilgrims sang and pilgrims who followed the Camino Real to the tomb of the Apostle Santiago.